Decorating Your Home Or Office With Fine Art Prints

No home decorating scheme is complete without the addition of wall décor. Art on the walls can help pull a whole room together, accenting certain color schemes, underscoring a room’s particular décor style, or providing a focal point for the entire look. People have varying ideas on what constitutes fine art as prints in this category run the gamut from post-Impressionistic to Asian to modern or abstract. Here are some ideas on how to find the best fine art prints to fit your home or office décor.

The Traditional Approach

If you’re trying to achieve a more traditional or formal look in your home or office, easily recognizable fine art prints done by known masters make the perfect choice. A classic post-impressionism print such as Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” (c. 1889) can add rich hues and therefore interest to a neutral décor, and the image’s vibrancy and inherent movement render it a dynamic focal point for a room. Hang it by itself on a large neutral wall and then add other accents to the décor that pick up on the lush blues, yellows, and greens. Throw pillows, lamps, and other accessories make great additions to this color theme. limited edition abstract

Asian-Inspired Looks

A fine art print can lend a fabulous finishing touch to a tranquil, Japanese-inspired décor. Japanese artist Katsushiki Hokusai’s famous wood block print “The Great Wave off Kanagama” (c. 1830) adds interest to a natural minimalist setting without overpowering that calming ambiance. Colors are neutral enough to fit into this type of Zen-like décor, yet the juxtaposition of the powerful sea against the tranquil backdrop of Mount Fuji make this a powerful piece indeed that will add interest to any room.

Modern Décor

A home or office decorated in a contemporary style such as art deco or eclectic can really benefit from an abstract art print. The bold, bright colors, lines, and forms found in many of these prints add an ideal finishing touch to a room already replete with energy and appeal. Wassily Kandinsky’s “Farbstudie Quadrate” (c. 1913) is one of many great options. Its dynamic geometric forms and colors can help pull together diverse elements in the room. Accent colors can be complementary or contrasting depending on whether your goal is to ramp things up or calm things down-as in this day and age of décor, practically anything goes. Try to find a large print suitable for hanging by itself on a large open wall.

Wall décor is an essential component in the overall cohesiveness of a room. When deciding on fine art prints, you first need to decide what decorating style you are ultimately going for. Fortunately, the world of fine art is vast and you should be able to find the perfect print to meet you decorating needs, whatever they might be.

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